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Message from the CEO/Principal

As we extend our hands to join the global technological development, I take pride to pen my message as Bond International School makes another giant lap in the field of education, an awareness programme through modern technology.

To begin with, our "Study Pack" is designed to provide continuity and progression, with a co-ordinated approach to develop the skills students need in order to succeed in enriching a well-balanced learning experience that will help your child display "Eagle Pride".

We have mixed ability classes with mid-to-higher ability students. Our teaching methods are focused to develop your inert abilities and enable you to reach the highest level of achievement. We evaluate and assess students according to a predetermined pattern, during which weaknesses can be identified and eliminated so that confidence can grow. The primary consideration has been to present the main principles on which study can be based. We have included a range of variety of tasks using different types of stimulus material. Our accurate preparation and positive attitude will help an individual to overcome "Examination Nerves".

A planned and organized educational system could develop three major areas such as:

  • Behavioral Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Physical Development

Which definitely together form and originate a skilled individual who can socially and emotionally face the society. We at Bond International School try to imbibe values of love, culture and knowledge through education that enables them to adjust and adopt to the emerging society of multifunctional thoughts, beliefs and religion. Our strong track record of performance and achievements on results delivery will support our strategy for the future.

I wish all students, parents and well wishes the very best of luck.


Message from the Managing Directress

It gives me great pleasure to pen my message as Bond International School has achieved another major goal. Our aim is to provide our students the help they need to reach the highest level of achievement possible in the most important resources – Education.

Bond International School was established in the year 2008 with the Montessori and Pre-School classes and G.C.E. O/L and A/L classes. We gradually introduced the Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary classes and now in the year 2014 have excelled in both Edexcel and Cambridge O?L and A?L examinations along with the Sri Lankan curriculum. We constantly update our courses and introduce new material with the workshops and conferences conducted by Edexcel and Cambridge boards. We are clear in our communications and simplifying our processes to increase and unlock the potential of our learners.

While concentrating on the academic side and its streams – Science, Commerce, Arts, we have sports as a compulsory subject students are coached on a regular basis and schedule to enter competitions in swimming, athletic and indoor and outdoor games. Annually, sports meet, house competition, exhibitions, excursions, and project work is held to encourage and balance their creative minds, skills and talents both in theory and practice.

We have achieved excellence in supporting both foreign and Sri Lankan students to achieve a complete academic distinction through a comprehensive and disciplined education system.


Message from the Principal of Primary and Secondary

My tenure at Bond International School continues to give me much satisfaction and happiness, as it gives the opportunity to work in a multi cultural and multi religious environment, where equal opportunities for children of all races and faiths are fostered. It is indeed inspiring to see the institution blossoming into a fully fledged school, where a good education is made available from the nursery to grade twelve. The school is committed in developing students and making them enthusiastic learners. The warmth, care and guidance of teachers begin at the nursery, where active learning takes place with new and effective teaching methods. The well designed curriculum carried out right along in a safe and pleasant environment, not only educates the children but also caters to their little hearts and minds, enabling them to blossom with positive attitudes ready to step into the primary school. Then on, the primary school provides a solid foundation focusing on every stage of primary education in a clearly defined path. The teaching methods identify learner strengths as a class and as individuals. Regular reviews reveal the areas where students are weak in and facilities are made available to such students and arrangements are made with teachers to assist them free of charge. On completing primary education the students gain access to the lower secondary, where they are given the basic knowledge of both commerce and science subjects which would give them a chance to judge their ability and interest and enable them to make the right decision in choosing the stream for the ordinary level examination. I wish to thank all my dear teachers for their unstinted support given to me at all times .Their dedication and untiring efforts in laying the foundation for academic success and for playing a key role in fostering a healthy social and emotional growth in our students has contributed immensely towards reaching our objectives and this is made evident by all the academic and personal achievements of our students.

May I also take this opportunity to thank all the parents on behalf of Bond International School for placing their trust in our school and entrusting us with the future of their precious children.

Last, but not least I wish to thank our obliging non academic staff for their ever willing support given to me in all my endeavors.

Mrs. Ruzaika M. Shiraz
Principal of Primary and Secondary
Bond International School