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Extra Curricular Activities

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HomeExtra Curricular Activities

Extra- curricular activities form an essential part of the school curriculum. It is also the ideal opportunity for you to join many groups of students where you will interact with them and broaden your knowledge on a wide variety of aspects. It could be good challenges to you where you could display talents and the fact that you are in the company of many students encourages you to gain first hand information on how other children perform their day to day activities. All these will certainly mould you into a perfect well groomed model where you will be prepared to face any stiff situation like an examination, interview or an audience with confidence, maturity and pride. Since physical education and sports are also an integral part of general education at Bond, it is made a compulsory subject to all students. These activities are conducted after school hours, sometimes during school hours and school holidays. Marks are given to students from grades 6 to 12 for these activities.


Swimming is a sport where self-discipline and hard work take priority over anything else. Our school swimmers have shown a vast improvement in this area and they have the talent to go very far in the future. Annual swimming meets are being conducted in Bond International School and it’s compulsory for the students to participate in Swimming from Grade 01 –Advanced Level.


The outdoor sport is very popular the players show great potential and signs of producing some good players in the future. Our sincere gratitude goes for our coach Mr. Gerry Chandrasena for his energetic guidance. Students come during weekends for practices.

Basket Ball

Basket Ball was introduced an year age and we have both girls and boys in the team, regular practices are scheduled during the week/weekends.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is enjoyed by majority of students of all ages and fitness levels. We are happy to say that by the competitive and energetic guidance of our coach Mr.Luckshan students entered completion and brought credit to our school and themselves.


We organized the chess club in the year 2012 the considerable increase in number of participants have pushed our clubs to greater heights.