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Armed with locally and internationally recognized qualified teachers BOND INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL started the Montessori and Pre-school classes and G.C.E O/L, A/L classes in the year 2008, We now in the year 2014 can proudly say that we have reached the highest stage and reaped our harvest by excelling in Edexcel IGCSE,GCE AS and A2,and Cambridge O/Level and A/Level results obtained by our students. Our recent highest and most promising award was in the advanced level examination in which one of our students emerged world record in Accountancy 600/600.

Our main aim is to pass to our students the educational insights developed and recognized as one of the best, globally , which is entirely compatible with the demands of our complex modern society. Every child is born with creative potential, the drive to learn and the might to be treated as an individual , hence our intake and admission system operated is fair – not distributed by ability Socio – economic background and ethnic background. Our students from neighboruing countries work in unity and have extended their might fruitfully by gaining admission to professional institutions and universities here and abroad.

Apart from our regular school students we offer classes in all streams for other students who need extra help. We coached students from affected areas to fit into the local and international level curriculum. Our courses offered personal development and career targeted with a wide range of transferable skills and behaviour competencies. We had, and still continue with crash programmes , accelerated programmes focused on the outcome required to be able to face international examinations and achieve their ultimate goal. All students are assessed through a mixture of team work, course work, group projects and examinations. The strength of our programmes is the balance between theoretical and practical skills which is essential for any career.

While concentrating in the academic side and its streams – Science and Commerce, we have sports as a compulsory subject. Sports play an integral role in inculcating in students such valuable attributes as discipline, determination, team spirit and leadership qualities and more importantly, the noble ability to accept both victory and defeat with equanimity. Sports enhance both physical development and character building. Students are coached to enter competitions in swimming, athletics and outdoor and indoor games. Annually we have our Sports meet, swimming meet, with house competitions to encourage and balance their wisdom between theory and practice as a vital component.

The Science laboratory is accessible to the lower secondary students, to observe the equipment and tools and watch the experiments done by the seniors. It is an exhibition of work too.

The computer education started at a very early stage of our inception with the Kids Computer Programme. If attracted a lot of attention and the demand for classes made us widen our computer laboratory to suit the necessary need: By the end of 2008/09 we were able to send our students to sit the Edexcel examinations with the guidance of the British Council, and they excelled by gaining merit in their projects and theory. This encouraged part time students, to join our ICT programmes and thus we had to start after school and week end extra classes for them.

Students are taken on yearly excursions to places of educational and environmental value. Our field programmes have been a success, the first visit was to the Preethi Pura children’s home where our students provided needy equipment in cash kind, the next visit to cleaning up the environment at the cancer hospital at Maharagama. This project is compulsory for the Secondary level students to secure experience of the outside world and mingle and help the society in a meaningful way. This programme is sponsored by the Principal and organized by the academic, non- academic staff and the Prefects Board. With these opportunities and the approach applied students gain knowledge and experience without any concerted effort. The weekly assembly held and hosted by each class in a revolving basis helps them to be confident to face any audience.

Bond International School mothers a multi – national race with no discrimination of religion, caste or creed, we have close ties with local and international schools and organizations. We abide with the ideals and principles of all religious leaders and partake in all festivals. Students are given the freedom of choice to participate in religious activities and festivals held in school. All government holidays are strictly followed.