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Pre School Programme

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HomePre School Programme
Pre School Programme

Our Programme is for children of different age group

  • Play Group (18 Months - 2 Years)

    Toddlers of 18 months to 2 years will join our play group. As children of this age group emerge from babyhood, they require a stimulatory, nourishing environment in order to develop their skills.

  • Lower Kindergartne (2 Years - 3 Years)

    Advancing from the play group kids of this age are able to work with more complex exercises. Afirm foundation is laid at this stage for good work and social habits.

  • Upper Kindergarten (3 Years - 4 Years)

    Here the children are ready to take on more complex exercises in a more disciplinary way, They also learn the basic concepts of science and culture.

  • Pre Grade (4 years - 5 Years)

    Here children are prepared well for formal primary schooling. And are encouraged to think deeper into a subject.

At the end of the year the kids will put on a concert and be graduated at a ceremony.